Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Day with the Venus Fly Trap

A teacher at our school brought a special plant into our classroom. Students were curious about the plant. We learned that it was called a ‘venus fly trap’. It stayed in our classroom for the day and students made observations throughout the day.

Students writing and drawing about what they see. Some students had more wonders about the Venus Fly Trap and were amazed when we put a fly in it and the plant closed.

We decided we should label the plant

If you look closely, you can see some are closed

The following day we talked about what we saw and remembered about the venus fly trap. 

: it is called a venus fly trap

K.B- we fed the plant a fly and the plant snaps

D.K.- the plant closed its mouth

: don’t put fingers or anything else near the plant or it will snap. It is prickly too.

: it swallowed bugs

P.D- don’t touch it or it will bite you

A.M.- the plant eats bugs, it opens and closes

: it swallows bugs

D.S.- does it catch butterflies?

Isn't this plant amazing?

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