Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bug Wonders

It is always amazing the variety of bugs the students find during outdoor learning. A group of students came across a large mosquito-like bug and were curious about it as they kept finding it around the yard. The next day, the bug flew into our classroom! Ms. Tompkins caught it and put it in a clear container so the students could see it.

We had a discussion about what the name the bug and came up with ‘Nice Cozy Bug’. We each took turns holding and looking at Nice Cozy Bug. A focus in our classroom has been observing and stating our wonders. Each student was given the opportunity to share their wonders with the class. Some students did have any wonders about the bug. They were observant of their peers and how they articulated their wonders.

Ms. Tompkins: What do you wonder about ‘Nice Cozy Bug’?

D.D: if he eats ants

D.K: if he eats ants

: if he eats termites

E.M: if he eats and sleeps at nights to save energy

: if he eats grasshopper food

: if he has a brother or sister

V.A: if he has a brother
: if it wants to drink

: if it eats grass

C.C: if it eats grass

K.B: why it has a pointy nose

D.S: if it has a mommy or daddy

D.Z: is it eating food?

D.R: if it eats flies 

E.K: it's a mommy

It is exciting how something so simple can lead to such great questions and wonders! 

When you find bugs at home, try to take the time to ask your child what they think or wonder about.

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