Friday, 1 November 2013

Room 122 Library!

Here is the story of how 'Room 122 Library' was created! It has been so exciting for our team to see the students engaged and proud of the amazing writing and illustrating they have been doing.

Our team was noticing the students were asking us to staple paper together regularly so they could write books. They were so excited to use their 'Thinking and Learning Time' to write stories! We encouraged the students to be authors and illustrators by providing them with pre-made blank books and opportunities to share their hard work at the end of the day. The number of books being written everyday was increasing and some students were even working on their books over the course of a few days! 

Our team was really excited to see the students so engaged in a task and so proud of themselves afterwards. We talked about a way to celebrate the accomplishments of our little authors and decided we should have a classroom library. We brought this idea to the students and they were so excited! With this as a prospect, even more books were written.

The following day we asked the students if they wanted to change our home centre into a library as a way to celebrate their stories. This suggestion was met with cheering! We began brainstorming everything we would need to make our library. 

We voted on a name for our library as well. This was when 'Room 122 Library' was created!

All students wanted to help create the library, so we divided up everyone who wanted to help into different teams.

We had the ‘Creative Team’, who helped provide ideas for the library. 

We had the ‘Planning Team’, who helped plan where the furniture needed to go.

We had a 'construction team', who helped move the furniture where it was planned to go.

The library began to take shape.

Even Mrs. Eslami, Mrs. Landolfi and Ms. Tompkins were excited and wanted to help set up the Library!

Students decided that we should cover the stove top and dials. A.M suggested we unscrew the doors, but we thought opening the doors might be easier! 

Students began creating signs for the library. They created labels for the book bins, a sign for the entrance, a 'quiet please' sign, and a binder to sign books in and out.

Students were excited to be able to write books and put them into the library. 
Students created invitations for special guests they wanted to invite. They created and delivered invitations. 

We had our Grand Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, October 30th in the afternoon. We decorated the library just as the students planned (balloons, streamers and a ribbon)! We had special guests come and check out our library!

There was a formal presentation by the students welcoming guests and opening the library. 

K.B & A.B- Welcome to the Grand Opening of Room 122 Library

M.W & A.A- We are excited you are here!

S.P & A.L- We have worked hard to make our library.

D.D & D.K- All the books in our library are written by us!

C.C - We are authors!

P.D & A.M- Please look around and enjoy our library.

A.B & D.S- Thank you for coming.

T.K & E.K- The library is officially open!

After this presentation, we drew names for two students to cut the red ribbon. It was very exciting.

Once the library was officially open, students and guests went in and explored the library! Our guests signed our guest book as a way to remember our special visitors.

Our authors are excited to continue adding books to the library and to spend time being librarians in 'Room 122 Library'! 

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  1. I was so excited to see the grand opening pictures of the Library in room 122! Ava kept us posted on the progress and how hard everyone was working to make it happen! Congratulations Ava's Mom - Diana Buda