Thursday, 28 November 2013

An Update on our Learning in November

We have been very busy! The students have become very comfortable with the program and have been showing so much improvement in their reading, writing and speaking.

We have been learning about different ways to do our 'daily writing'. We can label pictures, write and illustrate books, write a list, draw a picture and write a sentence about it or write our wonders. The quality of writing has improved since September, which in turn has helped the students with their reading! We have been so excited to see the incredible improvement in every student in the class!

E.M- My pumpkin seed is growing.
(In the picture it starts as a sprout on the right, then a yellow flower, then a green pumpkin and then an orange pumpkin!)
S.J writing about his creation

Writing about their building creations

Students have been asking a lot of questions about seeds (we are still growing pumpkin seeds), teeth (we had dental screening and a few students have begun to lose teeth), snow, water, and much more!

The students in Room 122 are very curious!

Wondering about the snow

Trying to make it stick together

Planting seeds in rocks

Wondering if the seeds will grow in rocks

Wondering about the colour of rain

Students are finding patterns everywhere! They have also been creating patterns during 'Thinking and Learning Time'.

Students have been creative during 'Thinking and Learning Time' creating many beautiful works of art. They have also been in Room 122 Library pretending to be teachers and librarians.

Naming the "man" (a toy that has appeared in our room) in our class 'Floppy'

November has been a great month of learning!

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