Monday, 18 November 2013

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!

We have been investigating patterns in class meetings and during Thinking and Learning Time. Students have been noticing patterns on their clothing and creating patterns using a variety of materials!

We set up a provocation for them to create patterns using natural materials.

Students began creating beautiful patterns on the light table and on mirrors.

During Thinking and Learning Time, students were creating patterns and then writing about them!

She cut out the paper and glued them together

P.D- "I see red purple, red purple, it is repeating itself"
A.M: "This is a animal patterns, it is AB pattern"

Patterns are found in building creations

We have learned about a lot of different types of patterns and using letters to describe and label them (i.e. the pattern above is blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow, red, etc. this would be an ABC pattern). 

What patterns can you find or make at home?

(Feel free to take a picture and send it in so your child can share their pattern with the class!)

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