Monday, 11 November 2013

We Remember

Remembrance Day is a very special day. To prepare, we had many discussions and read stories to help us understand peace and the poppy. At our school assembly, every class presents a wreath as a way to show we are remembering.

A variety of materials were put out on our craft table for students to create their own poppies. 

Many creative poppies were made to put on our wreath.

We played 'The Last Post' for the students to listen to and asked them what it made them think about. Here are some of their ideas:

D.K- made me think about the soldiers who fought so we don't have to

D.D- peace

C.C- peace

M.W- the poppies

S.P- a band

A.B- a trumpet

K.B- a piano

D.S- poppies

E.K- poppy

A.Bh- princesses coming

V.A- they not going to fight

A.A- stop fighting

E.M- celebrated because there is no more fighting

At our assembly today, there were many moving presentations from the choir, dance group and the band. K.B and D.R presented our wreath at the front of the school. 

We hope you took a moment today to thank those who have fought for our freedom.

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