Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cold, Mittens and Math!

With the extreme cold, students have been bringing their warmest mittens to school. We asked the students how we might find out what type of mittens we have. Z.H told us her mittens were pink so the students decided to sort the mittens by colour. Then students created labels for each pile. After we went through the colours, a few students still had mittens. During a discussion, D.K. suggested that we have a pile for mixed up colours. S.P suggested we use the label 'rainbow' for the pile.

We wanted to find out which pile had the most and which had the least. We decided to create a graph using the labels and mittens. 

We then counted each one to find out how many there were.

Once we counted each group and wrote the number, we had discussions about what the students noticed. Samples of the math talk students engaged in were "black has the most", "red has the smallest", "grey and red have the same" and "blue and rainbow are the same". This math talk then moved into 'Thinking and Learning Time' where some students chose to write about the graph and talk about what they saw.

*The cold weather has also made the students curious about temperature and snow, stay tuned for a post about an exploration with snow and thermometers we did this week!

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  1. The rainbow is not real it's made out of the rain.