Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cold Weather Leads to Learning!

Last week we had some VERY cold weather. We read the Robert Munsch story '50 Below Zero' and wondered if it that was the temperature outside. Ms. Tompkins quickly ran outside and put a thermometer in the window and filled a bowl with snow. In partners, students were given a thermometer to explore. Then each student was able to use it in the snow.

It was interesting to watch the red in the thermometers drop in the snow and go up when we held it in our hands!

Students have shared many wonders about melting and freezing. We thought we would investigate the temperature difference between hot water, cold water and snow. Students made predictions about what would be coldest and then we conducted the experiment.

We left the bowls out (after cooling down the hot water) for the students to explore and practice using thermometers.

Try exploring temperature at home with your child. Maybe record your wonders or observations and have them bring them to class to share!

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