Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Our Snake Inquiry

The students are showing a continued interest in snakes. We have been exploring the students' wonders and finding answers to some of these questions!

We asked students 'what do snakes eat'? Students shared their thinking.

We had a discussion about how to find out what snakes actually eat. Students shared a lot of different ideas. D.K. suggested that we put out all the food that we wrote and see which the snakes eat the most. Another student said "that is a summer experiment not a winter one". This began a fabulous discussion about how to get information. Here is what we came up with:
We are going to continue to add ways to find information as they come up!
The students decided that using books was the best way to find out what snakes eat. They set off to find answers!
We have learned a lot using books to get information!

'Thinking and Learning Time'
Students have been creating habitats for snakes independently and creating collaboratively with each other.
Created by A.B, A.Bh, D.K, S.J, K.B, E.M
Created by K.B.
Created by S.P
Created by D.Z
Created by K.B
Lots of amazing daily writing has been done during Thinking and Learning Time to share their understanding of snakes.

Writing & drawing about snake camouflaging in sand
S.P's story book about a guinea pig hiding from a hungry snake 
D.D's work about the different snakes he knows 

Our team is excited to see what else we can learn about snakes and what the students will continue to create!

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  1. I am impressed that the kids are learning about habitats And how to find out what snakes eat. Mikah says the habitats and the snakes.