Saturday, 22 February 2014


The students decided they wanted to transform 'Room 122 Library' (our drama centre) into a Pizza Shop. The students quickly got to work removing the library materials and brainstorming what we would need for a pizza store. We encouraged them to write lists of what we needed, then many students began to write menus and signs for the store.

We set up a provocation to encourage the students to see shapes in their pizzas.

They began working collaboratively to make toppings (shapes) for the pizzas they could use when in the pizza shop. It was exciting to see the students working collaboratively to create!

Many of the students then took their pizza creations to the pizza store where they placed them into the oven to cook them.

It has been great to see the students finding different 2D shapes within their pizzas, working together to create and to dramatize what happens in a pizza shop, and most importantly, delivering us delicious pizzas all day long!

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