Friday, 28 March 2014

Money Bunny

We have been talking and learning about the Canadian coins. The coins are in our movie theatre so the students use them everyday.

To help the students learn all the coins and their values, we have introduced a song created by Ms. Babalis. Here is the link to the song:

Hop's Money Song

(I apologize in advance as it is very catchy and you will probably find yourself singing it often!)


  1. Mikah says me and my mom listened to the Money a Bunny song. We loved it and we sang along!

  2. Sienna created a really cool dance to the Honey Bunny song and loves to sing it over and over again, but she won't share it because "it's a secret" :)

    Sienna asked: "I wonder who created the Honey Bunny song?"

    We discovered that Ms.Babalis and her student teacher put the video together for Bond Lake students.