Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Reptilia Came In

(As you all know, Reptilia visited our classes today. The students were excited so we thought we would have them help write our blog post for today. Even the title is child created!)

A.B- Today we saw a tarantula with 8 eyes

M.W- We saw and touched reptiles

A.B- Reptilia is where you see reptiles and animals

K.B- when we feeled the alligator I said it feeled like it's tail felt like a toy alligator

M.W- the snake felt like bumpy

A.B- I wonder why they call the lizard Blueberry, I think it's because he has a blue tongue and he likes to eat blueberries.

Ms Tompkins- which reptiles did we meet today?

M.W- um, a snake Charlie who looked like a rattlesnake

A.B- we met Biscuit the turtle

K.B- um, we met the alligator Grumpy

M.W- um, we met a tarantula Rosie

A.B- and we also met Monty the snake

K.B- we met the lizard Blueberry

Charlie the Bull Snake
(He is a bull snake from the Canadian prairies and can grow up to 8 feet long!)

E.K- Charlie is moving 

A.A- Charlie is so cute and so soft

Ms. Tompkins- what kind of snake did he pretend to be to stay safe?

A.A- he pretended to be rattle snake, because he is soft and clean
A.A- E.K is holding Charlie
A.A- I am holding Charlie
Biscuit the Turtle
(Biscuit is 7 years old)

D.R- biscuit has a shell and he is a turtle and he can go underwater. He felt like bones because he is made out of bones. His shell is made out of bones.

A.L- he goes, his whole body goes in his shell because some of the animals eat turtles. So he hides in his shell. They hold a deep breath in the water.

S.J- he has a hard shell and he has a shell to protect him from animals that eat him

D.S- the turtles can move every time and they go in the water and hibernate when it's night time
A.L- I am touching the turtle 
D.R- I am touching it
S.J- I am holding a turtle and I touched his shell
N.M- I turtle touch, he was like crocodile
Grumpy the Alligator
(Grumpy is a teenaged alligator and will grow to about 14 feet when he is full grown and weigh about 800 lbs!)

A.Bh- if they smell something they go and grab a thing and then go back down and eat it in the water. He can hold his breath for 2 hours.

K.B- the alligator has lots of ruffles on it and it has lots of smooth parts on it and if you touch the middle of his face above the eye, it will blink.

E.M- alligators snap and they and he putted a black tape on his mouth because they don't want him to bite people. Crocodiles bite people and they snap

D.S- crocodiles move with their feet

P.D- I wonder why the crocodile have a big black thing on their mouth so they do not bite and cannot open
E.M- I am touching the crocodile again
K.B- I am touching an alligator
A.Bh- Me touching an aligator     

A.K- its leg is moving. I'm touching crocodile. It feeled like crocodile
Rosie the Tarantula 
(He is a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula because of the rose coloured hair)

D.S- the spider are really scared, there webs have everything on the window

M.P- it's soft because he has hair

D.K- I learned about that most of the tarantulas have 8 eyes and 8 legs. I wonder if you touched it and how much fur you got on you, I wonder if it would infect your skin. I think the part on it's back could web it all the way from the roof all the way to the ground.

Blueberry the Blue Tongued Skink
(This type of lizard is found in Australia, he is an omnivore and loves snails)

T.K- I learned that it is real and the lizard can do a lot of things he can transform into a tree by camouflage. Why he camouflage all the day? Why is this not a snake? What does the lizard eat? What do lizards drink? What does the lizard have a mom or not? What is the lizards have a dad or not or a brother or not?

D.S- how they move with their feet. They shake the tail.

S.P- I wonder how Blueberry got a blue tongue. A lizards tail will come off because you pull on it. My mom has one too and it's a gecko and it will be super super long scream it's tail will come off

T.K- why is the lizard moving?
D.S- I'm touching a lizard 
P.D- the lizard is like, has a nice pretty tongue like it's blue and it looks like a blueberry
D.Z- I am looking at it and touching it 
V.A- I was going to touch the lizard and touching quietly because so the lizard don't scared

Monty the Ball Python

(When he gets scared he will roll into a tight ball with his head and neck in the centre to keep him safe)

Z.H- I am touching the snake. It was soft. It has a tail. It has a tongue just like the other snake friend, Karl

A.M- I wonder if the snake will bite or it's poisonous and i wonder if it can find the presenter's food and the crocodile comes to eat the snake and I wonder if it was the crocodile that ate the snake or the snake wrapped the crocodile. I wonder if it will go to the desert or it's a water snake. 

V.A- I only scared when it's turn off the lights and closed door, so I not scared of snakes, I only scared of King Cobra snakes

V.A and A.A are touching the snake 

S.C-S is touching the snake 
Z.H is touching the snake 

M.W- I had very fun at Reptilia!

We are excited to hear how the students wonders have changed after interacting with different snakes and reptiles! Let us know if you have had any wonders shared at home about our experience today!


  1. I wonder why Grumpy gets mad when you touch his head and ears?


  2. I wonder why Blueberry has a blue tongue?


  3. I wonder how Rosie got venomous?


  4. I wonder why Basket walks slow?


  5. I wonder why Karl and Monty slither slow?


  6. Mikah said I wonder why Biscuit's she'll is made out of nails