Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Beauty of the Butterfly

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies! 
~ Author unknown

The students sketched our Painted Lady Butterflies using pencil and then sharpie. After they painted using water colour. We were again amazing by how they turned out! Each butterfly was so unique!

Here are some of the paintings:

As a class, we went outside to release our butterflies into their natural habitats. The students were so excited and waved good-bye to each of our 40 (we think, they were very difficult to count!) butterflies. Some students even ran after them as they flew away. As educators, we were so happy to see the joy and excitement in our students. Being able to watch metamorphosis right in front of their eyes was an incredible way to help them connect to the world around them. The change is amazing and we will miss having out butterflies with us in the class!

Walking our butterflies outside
Getting a final glimpse of them all in the net

A.Bh transferring the butterfly to a leaf 

The butterfly didn't want to leave him! 
Amazed at the butterflies
The butterflies didn't want to leave!
What an incredible experience, we know this is one we won't forget anytime soon!

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