Monday, 10 November 2014

More Pumpkin Investigations!

We have been continuing our investigations of pumpkins. We observed the outside and we observed the inside of the pumpkins and then described them.

We predicted the number of ribs on our pumpkins and then counted how many there were.

When we cut open our pumpkins we collected all the seeds. The students were amazed at how many there were. One student asked "I wonder how many seeds there are". We read a book called 'How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin?', which encouraged us to count our seeds by grouping them in 10s. 

We predicted the number before we began and then in partners students grouped their seeds.

The students were so surpised to see the final number of seeds for the pumpkins! The JK pumpkin had 270 and the SK pumpkin had 333!

Bella suggested we plant the seeds to grow our own pumpkin plants! So the students began planting and talking about what plants need to survive.

Observing the planted seeds
 We have had a variety of pumpkins, squash and gourds in the classroom. Many students wondered what was inside each. So we cut them open!

Our white pumpkin 
We were surprised to see orange inside the green one!
The yellow squash

Our students are getting so good at using describing words to explain their observations. They are using their senses to help them observe our experiments.

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