Monday, 17 November 2014

Our Newest Inquiry: Kites!

"Kites fly so beautifully" 
- M.W.

We have noticed a trend in our classroom lately. Many, many students have been making kites and wanting to fly them. As educators, we knew we were probably on to something! We have been encouraging the students to make kites and ask questions.

A.A's "bird kite" 
Circle kites are quite popular
A triangle kite

Students were really excited to test out their kites. So, we put on our coats and headed outside!

The students have many wonders about kites.

N.M- I wonder how kites is flying round and round and that way, and that way, and that way!

A.K- I wonder why he has strings? (referring to a video we watched)

B.G- I wonder why they fly in the sky?

P.D- I wonder why the wind is pushing the kites?

A.C- I wonder why there is little strings on the kites?

M.F- I wonder why they have string?

R.H- I wonder how kites fly?

We are so excited to see where this inquiry takes us, hopefully this snow doesn't stop the momentum we have started!

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