Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Our Plants are Growing!

It has been wonderful to see our pumpkin plants growing!

We had started an experiment where we withheld certain needs from seeds. Here is an update! The seed we planted in the filing cabinet (our 'no sun' seed) has grown...a lot!

One plant was grown with sun (the green plant) and one was grown with no sun (the yellow plant)
Nothing has happened so far to our 'no air' plant
Our 'no water' seed has started to grow a tiny sprout
The students were wondering how big their plants were, so A.Ah suggested using cubes to measure how big they were.

H.W writing about his plant
M.W found out her sprout is 6 cubes tall.
A.Ah found out his plant is 9 cubes,
A.A's "medium plant" is 7 cubes tall.
M.W uses her hand to make sure the plant and cubes are the same height.
A.A measured all three of her sprouts.

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  1. Plants are growing jut like our little ones