Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pumpkin Math

We have used our students' interest in pumpkins as an opportunity to have some authentic math learning. 
Halloween inspired patterning
Numbered pumpkins
A provocation for measurement  
Measurement provocation for height
Recording sheet for observations
M.W- "the pumpkin is 18 cubes!"
Bella used groups of 4 to measure her pumpkin
 Writing her findings
D.S- "this pumpkin is big!"
"Look! This one is 6 cubes!"
H.W. using 2 cubes to measure the pumpkin
A.K using one-to-one correspondence to count how many cubes
R.H working on patterns
Using cubes to measure how much the gourd weighs
Working together
E.K. writing his observations about how much the apple weighs
A written representation of his math investigation
We will continue to investigate different ways of measuring and recording our findings!

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