Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pumpkin Plants

We have many pumpkin plants growing in our class now. It is a nice contrast to all the snow outside! The students are excited to see the changes everyday when they enter the classroom.

We have a few experiments on the go and are excited to see what will happen to those seeds. Students have learned that plants need:
1. Water
2. Soil
3. Air
4. Sunlight
To test this, we have planted seeds and withheld one of these needs to see what will happen! Students have made predictions and we will continue to watch.

Students observing the seeds
Exciting to notice the changes

It has been exciting to watch the life cycle in our classroom.

A sprout pops out of the soil

We can see the roots growing down

Lots of roots

Now we can see the start of the plant 
The leaves are starting to sprout

Many students have been choosing to write about their plants.

Pointing out the sprout
Excited to see the growth!
A.Ah. decided that he wanted to measure how big his sprout was, so he went and got cubes to measure his plant. He then wrote about it using a sentence and a labelled diagram.

Stay posted to see the continued growth!

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