Monday, 15 December 2014


We have been learning about and investigating measurement through various activities in our classroom. The students started to investigate measurement by using cubes to measure their pumpkin plants (which are still growing by the way!!). This exploration has now branched out into the students measuring various objects and people around our classroom.

We have brainstormed what we can use to measure and how we can be successful. The students suggested that we use books to measure. I gathered some books and began measuring one of the students. The students noticed that each time I measured it was different (see below).
Through these observations we realized that the measuring tools need to be the same size.

The students have created some success criteria to ensure they are measuring correctly. The measuring tool needs to start from the bottom/end of the object, the measuring tools have to touch/connect and the measuring tools have to be the same size.

Using markers

Using the snap cubes

Writing the numbers beside each marker to count correctly 

Using books that were all the same size

Using dice to measure
Home Challenge: Find objects around your house to measure, make sure your measuring tools are all the same size.

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