Monday, 12 January 2015

Picture A Tree

We read the book 'Picture a Tree' by Barbara Reid.

The story looks at trees throughout the seasons. Barbara Reid is known for her illustrations made out of plasticine ( The students were amazed by the details in the pictures. After reading A.Ah said "Hey! If we had clay we could make our own pictures!" At this, I quickly ran to the cupboard and got out our plasticine to allow the students to create their own trees. I was amazed at how long the students focused on their work, adding lots of details to their representations. 

Some students used the book to help inspire their pictures

The pictures turned out beautifully!

R.H's winter tree
E.K's summer tree
P.D's fall tree
Bella's summer tree 
M.P's spring tree
N.M's tree
A.A's winter tree
D.S's summer tree
A.Ah's fall tree
M.W's winter tree
D.A's summer tree
A.R's winter/spring tree
H.W's winter tree

This is a perfect example of why I love the Kindergarten program. I did not have this activity planned. The students were inspired by the book we read and then through their own initiative they asked for the materials to create these masterpieces! 

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