Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Exploring Graphing

We have been exploring data collection, as the students loved asking each other questions. We introduced a tally chart to the students to help them organize answers they collected from each other. We then began creating graphs using lots of different objects! We used ourselves, counters and paper!
A.K asking D.S what his favourite animal is and recording it on his graph
We then turned our graph of people into a graph on the Smart Board 
Using counters to create a graph
P.D first sorted the numbers by colour and then began creating a graph
We have learned that graphs need to have a title, scale and labels to make sure people can understand the information in the graph.

We have been reading books about community helpers, looks like we have a lot of vets!
We have used 'mystery bags' as a way for students to explore creating graphs without having to create a survey question. They take a 'mystery bag' that has various manipulatives inside. They then pull out one at a time and add it to their graph. When they are finished they explain what information it is telling them. 


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