Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pirates in Room 122!

What an exciting couple weeks in Room 122. The students have been working hard and have created a fabulous pirate ship.

Many families brought in boxes to help us create the ship. Thank you to those of you who did! The students were really excited about having boxes to play in. Their imaginations were in full force before we even began to create the ship.

We continued to read many books to get ideas about transforming our drama centre.

We learned many new words about ships. As a group we drew a diagram of a ship and labelled it with all our learning and background knowledge. This helped us inform the building of our ship.

We then began to create our ship!

Working on the 'steering wheel'
Painting the crow's nest

Colouring the ocean for the ship to sail on

A.A documenting some of the other students working on the ship
The mast, sail and crow's nest

Here is the ship!

The students organizing their treasure
Some pirates on their way to find the treasure!

The students are excited to continue to explore different roles in the drama centre!

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