Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Meet Ripper- Our New Inquiry

We had the privilege of having 'Ripper' come visit our classroom. It was exciting for the students to have something new and unique in our class. They spent a lot of time just sitting and watching him. They had many wonders about him.

Here is a video of Ripper:

The students had lots to say about how he felt.

I.L- it feels hard

A.A- I think he feels like really soft

A.Ah.- he feels rough

I.S.- feels rough

K.T- he’s so scared

J.A- spikey

A.C- like a carrot, it feels soft

H.W- carrot

M.W- it feels a little bumpy and soft

E.K- he feels like bumpy

A.H- so bumpy

N.M- he’s wiggling, it’s squishy on his side

M.A- bumpy

D.S- he feels like dry skin on his tail

D.A- he feels soft

A.R- soft, sharp nails

B.G- soft

M.P- like grass 

P.D- hard, I see something interesting, little black dots

A.P- he feels like something 

Students wrote their wonders about him

They wanted to know how big he was, so we used a measuring tape and measured how long he was
We also used popsicle sticks
Then we used cubes!
We have set up an inquiry table to promote and encourage curiosity and research!

The students describe this video as "Ripper's cha cha"! Stay tuned for some of our learning and our opportunity to meet another lizard!

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