Tuesday, 26 May 2015

More Lizards: Investigating Bearded Dragons

Mrs. Johnstone brought in more lizards for us to observe and learn about. The students shared many great wonders and they were able to compare and contrast the different lizards.

Meet Bluey!

We found out what type of lizards they were...Bearded Dragons!
Reading the 'Reptiles' book together
Adding wonders to our lizard table 

Touching Bluey and comparing him to Ripper
We measured Bluey and he was a bit shorter than Ripper 

He was excited about getting measured!

What do you wonder about him?

D.S- I wonder how many years old is Blue and Ripper?

A.H- I wonder why Bluey is smaller than Ripper?

D.S- I have a theory about A.H's, because they aren't the same years old

A.R- I wonder why they are different colours?

E.K- I wonder why they have long tails?

A.A- I wonder why is Ripper is the same colour as the sand, but Bluey is not, he is darker?

We then met Jasmine.

A.C pulled a chair over so he could observe Jasmine more closely
Jasmine was much smaller than the other two lizards

P.D- I wonder if Jasmine is a kid or a baby?

K.T- Jasmine looks like so small the lizard, the lizard there, he looks like both other lizards!

D.S- I wonder if he is a boy or a girl?

A.Ah- I wonder if Jasmine is Ripper’s baby?

A.H- I wonder why he is a baby?

A.A- I wonder why Jasmine is smaller than Ripper and Bluey?

M.W- my wonder from last time is, I wonder if Jasmine is a bearded dragon?

A.R- I wonder why he has a smaller tail, than Ripper and Bluey?

N.M- I wonder where small lizards live?

R.H- I wonder where big and small lizards live?

M.A holding Jasmine 
The students found a pattern on her back...can you see it?
A.C- I see white, brown, white, brown!
A.C holding Jasmine
We learned that Bearded Dragons like to climb
Jasmine on A.A's leg
Jasmine climbing on E.K's shirt
Bella holding Jasmine
M.W holding Jasmine

Jasmine on A.K's arm
K.T holding Jasmine

Observing both Ripper and Bluey together
We have learned a lot about Bearded Dragons after reading various non-fiction books and watching some videos.

What do bearded dragons eat?
A.A worked hard and looked through the books we had and found out that bearded dragons eat:
- bugs and insects
- plants, fruits, leaves
- small reptiles or mammals
We learned the science term is omnivore

Where do you think they live?
A.C- in a hot place
I.L- at the hot place
A.A- United States 
D.S- North America
A.H- South America
I.S- the zoo
K.T- the Canada
P.D- in woodlands, I read it in a book

E.K- they live home, they’re from somebody’s home

P.D found the book and showed us that bearded dragons live in wooded areas in Australia. They live in forests, deserts and along the coastline in Australia.

Why are they called bearded dragons?
D.S found a book and taught the class about this. The book explained they have a pouch under their chin that they can expand and turn black to scare away enemies. 

But... we still have lots of wonders about these lizards! It was been fun learning alongside the students.

I.L- I wonder why they live in Australia?

P.D- does Ripper’s skin come off like snakes?

We are excited to keep exploring, observing, wondering and learning about bearded dragons.

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