Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Paper Airplanes!

"Ms. Tompkins, can I make a paper airplane?"

Who knew such a simple question would change the course of our day? As other students heard this question, they all wanted to make one too! So we stopped what we were doing and gathered for a meeting. The students who had started to make planes had chosen different paper, so we began an experiment-- What type of paper will fly the best?

We used tallies to record our predictions about which will fly the furthest
We then created 'glider' paper airplanes, each student used one of the above types of paper. We went outside and practiced throwing the airplanes.

After some practice time, we lined up at the 'start line'. The students threw their airplanes as far as they could.

Helping measure by holding the zero at the start line
Finding out how far his plane flew
The students looked at the measuring tape to find out how far it flew
 The airplanes flew far! We record all the distances and looked at all the numbers as a class when we went back inside.

A.P's plane flew 24 feet!
The students wrote about their experience from making, to flying, to measuring! We are so proud of the amazing writing everyone is doing!!

What a great unplanned activity that included fine motor skills (folding the paper), gross motor skills (running and throwing the plane), literacy skills and of course measurement skills!

Such colourful paper airplanes!

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