Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Insects and Clouds!

We have been talking a lot about insects and learning about the many different types of insects. We read about bees, ants, mosquitos and flies! The students collected natural materials when we were out on our bug hunt and they used these to create bug pictures. We read the following Eric Carle books, to inspire the students' creations.

They worked hard and made many different types!

D.S's cricket  
A.A's caterpillar

K.T. made a mosquito biting a caterpillar
E.K made a bee and caterpillar

H.W's creation
M.A's ant has 6 legs
P.D made a stick bug
M.W. made a caterpillar
M.P. made a butterfly
B.G made a cricket
Can you see the spider in it's web?
G.O. made a firefly
A.R's creations!
A.C's caterpillar
R.H's creation
I.S's butterfly

What always amazes me about children is their creativity! They each had the same materials and yet their creations were each so unique. This is a great activity for you to do over the summer. Go for a nature walk, collect and gather materials, then bring them in and create with them! 

We also spent time this week looking at the clouds. They were many different shapes! Some days they were moving very fast and others it didn't look like they were moving at all! 

This summer see if you can find different shapes in the clouds. You might be surprised by what you see, if you take the time to lie down and look!

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