Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Remembrance Day 2015

In honour of this important day, our kindergartens spent lots of time reading about peace and talking about the importance of remembering soldiers who fought and continue to fight for our freedom here in Canada. The students learned about the symbol of the poppy and worked collaboratively to create poppies for a class wreath. 

Loose parts available for poppies

Our finished wreath
Some of the beautiful wreaths from around the school
"Poppies are special. Because they help to remember the soldiers." - I.D.
"The poppy grows. It grows in ground." - M.F.
"A poppy for Remembrance Day. It's a special day of the week it's for to remember the soldiers. To appreciate." - J.C.
"I planted a poppy at my home. It is to help remember the soldiers who gave us freedom." - A.P.
"Poppy is growing. You see a poppy." -L.R.
"This is a poppy." - A.S.
Students created poppies out of Lego

Lest we forget

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