Thursday, 3 December 2015

"Central Park Art Gallery for Kids"

We have been reading books and watching videos about Central Park. In the book 'In New York' by Marc Brown, the students noticed an art museum in the Central Park map. This sparked an interest in creating our own gallery. Our team then worked their magic to create an art gallery for the kids to display all their artwork.

Students had lots of ideas about what we should call our art gallery.
The students voted on which name they liked best. We used tallies to record each student's idea.

Lots of blank space for artwork.
We added a new trail with a curved line to get to the art gallery. We also have zig zag and straight line trails.
(You can explore art concepts everywhere!)
 We have begun an inquiry about art and what it means to be an artist. We started exploring 'mandalas'. The students used their creativity and imaginations to create wonderful mandalas using many different materials.

The students used pencil, black pen and sharpie. They worked on adding detail to their creations by persisting and staying focused. They did a fabulous job.

Here are some of the final mandalas:

Students began to integrate mandalas into their daily writing.

We set up a provocation on the light table using a variety of loose parts.

A beautiful mandala created by a student.

Mandalas were even made out of playdough!

2D shape mandals:

We then read a book about Aboriginal art and noticed lots of circles in their designs. We also noticed they used dots to create their art. Students have begun to use dots to create mandalas.

Stay tuned to our art inquiry as we continue to explore various types of art and fill up the 'Central Park Art Gallery for Kids'.

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this... this is making me think of how I can incorporate all of this when we talk about Diwali and the art form they do on the street called Rangoli