Sunday, 10 January 2016

Igloo inspired Collaboration

Working towards a common goal has been great at encouraging and promoting collaboration among our learners. We are so proud of how they communicate with one another and work towards building structures. We took this learning outside and challenged them to build an igloo that could fit all our classmates inside. What unfolded was beautiful...

They were working together to help carry the ice blocks over to the igloo 

Everyone in the class was helping build the wall

The completed project
We were really excited!
We were able to share their creation with some of the other kindergarten classes. Our learners kept talking about building igloos and how we had to build the walls tall and strong to make the roof.  They were sharing their ideas and theories not only with the educators but with each other. Back in the classroom, our learners were creating igloos with 3D shapes and writing and drawing pictures of them.

The next day during recess, one of the other classes began to build another igloo in our kindergarten yard. Our learners were so excited that our small class collaboration turned into all 5 kindergarten classes working together to make an igloo. Each time we were outside, the kids would work on the igloo.

"Look at the igloo!"- M.A

"We need to put snow in the holes to make it strong"- I.S

"I'm putting on ice on the igloo"- J.B.

The students continue to build and add to it (although the rain this weekend probably didn't help...). We are excited to see what this week will hold as we begin to learn about igloos and their history.

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