Monday, 11 January 2016

Lately in Room 122...

We have been busy! Our learners are impressing us everyday with their thinking and learning. Here a photo update of what we've been up to in Room 122.

Line provocation
What some of the students have been creating

Working on 'how to' writing. We started with our dressing process. Learners have been writing 'how to' or procedural writing for their daily writing.
Minecraft provocation

L.R. created a skyscraper and the CN Tower
Some of the creations our learners have been making 
Invitation to explore magnets
A student's work
E.B. recording her findings

Can you find something that starts with G, J, U or Y? Working on those tricky sounds, we switch the letters up when we notice interest is changing.
Inspired by Kindie Korner on Instagram
Working together!

Exploring the primary and secondary colours. Students created pointillism paintings and other beautiful paintings using these colours. We learned blue and yellow make green. Red and yellow make orange and blue and red make purple.

Lots of great math learning has been happening as well!

These girls made a math game (see photo below). They created a cube using magnet tiles and then hid a 3D shape inside. Their partner had to guess what shape was inside. They then wrote the procedure for the game to share with their peers.

I.S. sorted all the animals we had and then made labels for each animal and counted the totals. 
Surveys are still a favourite in our room.

Building with 3D shapes and sorting by colour.

D.M build a house using 2D shapes
Writing about her igloo creation
Recording information about 3D shapes

"Look Ms. Tompkins, our triangular prisms are the primary colours!" 
Can you believe all this learning happened in one week!? The learners in Room 122 are quite amazing. We are feeling very proud of everyone.

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  1. I love all of these ideas! I’m curious how you store all of these supplies throughout the year when you aren’t using them?