Wednesday, 17 February 2016

All About Polar Bears

We have been investigating polar bears these past few weeks. At this point we have more wonders than we do answers! But, we have been learning lots of really interesting information.

Polar Bears International is an organization that has lots of scientists working to save the polar bears. The students were curious about this:

I.S- how can they save the polar bears in they’ll eat them?
C.M- the polar bears will help each other
A.R- I wonder how people save the polar bears?
J.B- I like polar bears when they find food
E.B- I wonder why polar bears eat people?
A.P-it’s because people are meat
D.A- if people are made out of meat and the polar bears like to eat meat, how will they  save the polar bears?

We tweeted the wonder 'why do polar bears need to eat meat' to Polar Bears International and they told us that polar bears really like to eat blubber. We realized that's why polar bears like to eat seals, because they have blubber. We learned that polar bears also have blubber to keep them warm!

"I wonder if polar bears stay with their mom?"- A.R.

"What do polar bears eat?"- D.A.
"I wonder why polar bears have white fur in their skin? My theory is maybe they have fur because they need to hibernate."-D.M.
"I wonder why polar bears do not like cold water? I think the water is cold." M.F.

We labelled the parts of the polar bear.
The polar bear has two layers of fur on top of the blubber to help keep it warm.
Learning about how the polar bears paws help it survive in the Arctic.

Polar bear's paws can be 30cm wide! Look how big that is compared to A.H's hand!
We read a book that told us polar bears eyes flatten out when they go into the water! So fascinating!

We are continuing to wonder and continuing to learn more about polar bears! Stay tuned!

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