Monday, 18 April 2016

More Science Experiments

Our scientists have been busy! We have been learning lots and conducting many different experiments. We have been focusing on wondering, observing and sharing their theories during our experiments.
We are working through the scientific method for each experiment we do.
Building our science vocabulary.

Rock Candy Experiment

Our materials/equipment.

Day One.

Scientists were excited when we saw some 'crystals' forming by Day Two.

Our students have so many wonders and theories about what is happening in this experiment.  

Walking Water Experiment

Out equipment/materials 
Step One.
Step Two.
Watching the water move.
Water making its way into the cup.

It turned purple!

Recording their observations of what is happening.
No more water in cups...we wonder where all the water went?

Our scientists have been sharing their theories with us daily.

J.B- Those two paper towels soaked it up the two colours and went into there and it made purple (how?) because and it mixed itself and made purple.

A.A- We took some glasses of water and a paper towel and we put it in the other glass and then after that we left it over night, it was like a shark eating something. It went half way and then the middle of the day it went slowly, like the Earth was moving. And then after that, it's like we left it over night and then it went plop, like a roller coaster! And after that, everyone saw it in the day time. 

A.P- the paper towel is sucking the water up into the cup

Here is a time lapse video of the beginning of our experiment.

Mixing Liquids

We read books about the states of matter and learned there are three: solid, liquid and gas. We focused first on liquids. Our experiments explored different features of liquids. We read that liquids can mix together. We decided to test this out.

Our equipment/materials.
First we put maple syrup and then oil.
Second we added blue water. We wonder why the blue water is under the oil when we poured it last?

The one on the right we mixed all the liquids together. We wonder why it is green when we didn't put any green liquids in.
Observing with our sense of smell.

Ms. Tompkins- Where do you think the green came from?"
A.A- I think it's from the yellow oil and the blue water!
We tested this theory and found out that you can't mix the oil and water together. 
We then mixed the syrup and the blue water and got green (bottle on the right)! 
First: syrup, blue water & oil (mixed); Second: syrup, blue water & oil (not mixed); Third: blue water & oil (mixed); Fourth: syrup and blue water (mixed) 
Recording observations through art.

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