Monday, 11 April 2016

'Room 122 Science Lab' Experiments

Plants & Food-colouring

Our first experiment was finding out what would happen when we put plants into water that was different colours. We used celery and flowers. We explained the scientific process.
  • Question
  • Hypothesis/Prediction (what do you think will happen?)
  • Materials (what equipment do you need?)
  • Procedure (what did we do?)
  • Observations (what happened?)
  • Results/Conclusion (what we found out)

We recorded our thinking as we moved through the experiment. 

Our learners helped fill out information about our experiment using the scientific method.
Recording their observations
A day into the experiment.

A few days into the experiment and we were noticing some interesting things! The green water flower was turning yellow!

The celery encouraged the most wondering. Learners were interested in why the blue celery had so much water compared to the others. We also wondered why the celery in the purple water (which now looks blue) turned both red/pink and blue!
A week into the experiment

The purple water celery
Cutting the celery to see what is inside.
Growing Seeds Without Soil

We have a few other experiments on the go. Learners are excited to come in each day to observe the changes.
Our learners told us plants need: soil, water, sun and air to grow. So we asked them what would happen if we put seeds and paper towel into a bag, without soil? 

We began to watch to see what would happen.

Lots of changes in our seeds after the week!

When we came back after the weekend, we noticed lots of changes, especially with the pumpkin seeds!

The Power of the Sun

We read a book about the sun. The book talked a lot about how powerful the sun is. We thought we would test the sun to see how powerful it really is.

After a few days, we checked the paper to see if anything had happened. Our learners were shocked to see that the sun had changed the colour of the paper! They all gasped when we removed the house off of the front of the paper. The sun is powerful!

Our scientists will continue to observe the world around them, enjoy creating different solutions in their lab and continue to stay safe when exploring. 

Stay tuned for more fun experiments!

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