Monday, 12 September 2016

A New Year in Room 122

Welcome to another year in Kindergarten. 

The educators (Ms. Tompkins, Mrs. Gerrell & Mrs. Landolfi) in Room 122 are excited to welcome all our new learners into our classroom environment. We believe that "four- and five-year-olds are capable and competent learners, full of potential and ready to take ownership of their learning". We set up our classroom environment with this in mind. 

Literacy provocations to support sight word, letters and name recognition. 

 Our family wall continues to be a central focus in our classroom. Families, you play such an important role in your child's schooling. We love working together with our families and they deserve a central place in our room!

Building fine motor skills (small muscles) is a focus we have in the beginning months of kindergarten. We provide many activities for our learners to work their finger muscles. This will allow them to then use those muscles to support their writing skills. 

Our science table features insects, as our learners are familiar with them. It gives them the ability to use their background knowledge to create on our light table. 

Our 'wonder window' provides opportunities for our learners to engage
with and observe the natural world around them.

Building, everyone's favourite location! We're excited to see what they create this year!

"Young children have the curiosity and the capability to engage in complex mathematical thinking and learning". With this in mind, we have set up various math provocations to encourage our learners to explore math concepts. We integrate math into our day, as children naturally explore mathematical ideas through play. 

"To become proficient, [children] need to spend sustained periods of time doing mathematics – solving problems, reasoning, developing understanding, practicing skills – and building connections between their previous knowledge and new knowledge."
(Kilpatrick, Swafford, & Findell, 2001, p. 135) 

Mandalas created by students last year are a nice way to welcome back our SK students.

Adding mirrors allows learners to explore different perspectives and to observe themselves and others

Self-regulation plays an important role in Kindergarten (and life!). Self-regulation is the "ability to manage your own energy states, emotions, behaviours and attention in ways that are socially acceptable and help achieve positive goals such as maintaining good relationships, learning and maintaining well-being" (Dr. Stuart Shanker). In order to support our learners, we have created areas in the classroom to help them when they become 'un-regulated'.

Yoga (breathing, stretches and poses) provides a great way to build mindfulness and regulation. This is our 'yoga studio' where learners can go if they need to calm down or need to move. This will help with focus and thinking.

Our snack table- learners can come here throughout the day when they're hungry

Dramatic play provides opportunities for many skills to develop: literacy skills, social skills, conflict resolution, creativity and imagination. We start our year off with a home as all learners are familiar and able to engage.

Literacy skills are embedded in everything we do in Room 122. Learners are talking, reading and writing daily. We provide many materials to encourage independence.

Picture/word books to support learners with independence when writing

Lots of different paper and templates available for daily writing

Letter rings, sight word rings and sentence starters create independence when writing

Small-group instruction happens continually throughout our day

Awaiting 'personal best work'!

We're excited about the amazing thinking and learning that will happen this year! 

We can't wait to create with all of you!

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