Monday, 3 October 2016

Math in Room 122

We have been doing lots of math during our 'Thinking and Learning Time'. Our learners have been showing their learning in many different ways.

Numbers our mathematicians made using loose parts. These photos will be up in our math centre.

Children are natural mathematicians and often enjoy counting many objects around them. Our learners explored the materials we had out and demonstrated their understanding of numbers. We worked together to build success criteria for how we can count objects effectively. 

Working together to create a number line.

We have been learning about surveys. Our learners have been using the success criteria to help them conduct surveys in the classroom. We even challenged our mathematicians to conduct surveys at home. (If you've done one, please send it in to share with the class!).

We did many different survey questions to practice tallies and asking questions.

 Students have been creating with shapes on our light table.

Our learners are great at sorting by colour. Not only do they clean up all our writing materials and organize them by colour, but they show their understanding of sorting elsewhere in the class as well.

What math can you find around your house? Neighbourhood? 


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