Friday, 4 November 2016

Embracing Fall: Leaves, the Farm & Soup!

We have loved the fall weather! We have had many opportunities to explore various fall activities. Our learners love finding leaves outside and noticing the changes. We read the book 'Leaf Man' and set up a provocation for our artists to use loose parts to create their own leaf men.

H.L. used his leaf man to demonstrate different emotions. Can you guess which is which?

Using the book as inspiration
A couple students used their leaf men to tell their own story. We have been learning a lot about emotions and feelings. Their learning came through in these books:
By: J.B.
By: El.B.
We had the opportunity to take a trip to the farm. Our learners enjoyed the fresh (and cold!) air and exploring the farm. We went on a tractor ride, hay bail maze, visited animals and went into the garden. The garden was amazing. Our learners got to go into the garden and pick a variety of vegetables. (We have been learning about 'everyday foods' so this was a lovely add on!). We asked them what they wanted to do with all the vegetables, we had 6 bags! Someone suggested soup!

Some of the veggies the kids picked.

Our chefs did a fabulous job cutting and snipping the various vegetables to add into the soup.


We used a graph to gather information about our soup. We learned more people liked the soup!

Some learners decided to do a procedural writing about how to make soup.

We also did a taste test of various vegetables we picked. Look at all those describing words our learners used!

We were so impressed with each of our learners for trying the soup and vegetables. It was so powerful for them two experience farm to table and to have a part in that. Involve your children in the process of getting food, prepping food, cooking food and eating food (especially those picky eaters) as it helps engage them in the whole eating experience.

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