Thursday, 5 January 2017

Magical Winter Forest

During a class meeting, we had a vote about what we should change the drama centre into. The winner was 'magical winter forest'. 

The students brainstormed a list of all the things they wanted to include in the drama centre. As an educator team, we discussed the various ways we could integrate language (writing, reading and oral) into their play. Once you start talking it is amazing all the ways you can extend their play!

Our artists got to work on the backgrounds and decorations for the centre. They wanted lots of snow flakes, snowmen and lots of trees.

Creating backgrounds to go on the windows.

Painting crowns to wear as they take on different roles while playing.

The students named the snowman 'Frosty'

Here is a look at the final product.

We added a story template and a snow globe writing template

We even took the winter forest fun outside.

We began learning about various forest animals and will continue to do so moving into the new year.

We begun with bears. We were surprised at all the great knowledge our learners had about brown bears. We learned lots more based on wonders they shared with us. We were amazed to learn brown bears don't have to be brown! They can be black or mixed colours.

Writing done by L.R.
We then began learning about foxes. Our learners were fascinated with them!

We added animal costumes to the centre so our learners could integrate their new learning into their play.

We are excited for our learning about various forest animals to continue when we start back in January!