Thursday, 21 September 2017


We have been getting to know one another in Room 122 over the past few weeks. It has been wonderful to watch friendships growing and our learners settling into their new environment. We are working on building our knowledge of self and encouraging our learners to see their value and that they're unique. We created an opportunity for our learners to observe themselves and create art that represents them. We placed out various loose parts for them to create their own self-portrait.

The finished products:

We love that each is so unique, just like each learner in our room!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Welcome to 2017/2018 in Room 122

Another year has begun in Room 122! 

We are excited to begin another year in Kindergarten. We are happy to welcome a new group of Year 1 learners and to have our Year 2 learners back! We have worked towards setting up our classroom as the 'third teacher'. This means that materials we have chosen to put out in the classroom help build independence and thinking. Susan Fraser states, “A classroom that is functioning successfully as a third teacher will be responsive to the children’s interests, provide opportunities for children to make their thinking visible and then foster further learning and engagement.” (Building Capacity Series (2012)). We look forward to the wonderful thinking and learning that will take place throughout the year.

Allow us to take you on a tour of our learning environment.

Our inquiry/science table.

Our light table with loose parts.

A math provocation encouraging counting and number recognition.

Our math area.

Our drama centre. 

Literacy materials available for learners to use or for small group instruction. 

Our family wall awaiting family photos. 

Our yoga centre to help build self-regulation.

Our self-regulation corner. We will be teaching about self-regulation throughout the month and this is an area learners are able to go when they need to calm down or take a break.

Our writing centre.

Writing templates, books and sight word lists to help build independence for daily writing.

Our alphabet made by our learners last year and the colour word wall made my learners.

A name writing and sight word provocation.

Looking forward to seeing how our learners interact with the materials, the environment and each other! Stay tuned to follow our learning.

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