Monday, 2 October 2017

Daily Writing

We are sure you have heard your child speak about their 'daily writing'. We have been so impressed with the gains our learners have made this month. Everyone has demonstrated growth in their abilities as writers. Our daily writing program provides access at many levels for all our learners. We have many supports available for our writers to access in order to build their independence. We have books, sight word lists/rings, sentence starters and word walls.

We co-created our success criteria for 'personal best' writing with our writers. This is the list they came up with:

Play creates many opportunities for authentic writing experiences. Our learners can be found writing in all areas of the classroom. We encourage our writers to use their skills to share their thinking and learning through drawings and writing. We provide open ended templates in the different areas of the classroom as a choice for our writers to share their thinking.

Here are some of our writers hard at work:

Our writers hang their writing here each day. This functions as a tracking for both the students and the educators. We then choose their 'personal best' writing to add to our personal best writing wall. From there it goes into their documentation binder.