Friday, 3 November 2017

Self-Regulation in Room 122

We have been learning about the Zones of Regulation in our classroom. We have been using the Zones as a way to recognize our feelings and the feelings of others.

We begun our learning by reading various books about feelings and using loose parts to create different emotions.

Our learners created a list of feelings and then we sorted them into the 4 Zone colours. The Zones are Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. We talked a lot about how all feelings are okay and we will regularly feel different emotions throughout our day. Some emotions feel good while others don't. 

Our co-created Zones Wall

Once we had an understanding of the various Zones we created a list of ways we can get ourselves back into the Green Zone which is the Zone when we are optimally regulated.

Our calming breathing activities

Our yoga centre

The calming corner or self-regulation corner

Our Zones Check In

Calming activities

Our learners wrote a lot of books about their understanding of the Zones.
"We are learning to know our zones"

The Zones are a wonderful tool we use in our classroom to support our learners self-regulate. The Zones can also be useful at home. Maybe you can create a Zones area in your home to support your child regulating at home. You can create a list of 'how to get to the green zone' at home as there are many different options.

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  1. Hi Jennifer, what a wonderful way to help children self-regulate! Thank you for sharing. I have a question: do you regulate the zones check-in or do the children use it to show how they are feeling throughout the day? Thank you!