Saturday, 14 April 2018

Flower Inquiry

Our botanists have loved learning about flowers and sharing their knowledge in many different ways during 'Thinking and Learning Time'. We have been so impressed with their ability to communicate their understanding of flowers in such different ways. Inquiries are such a beautiful way to allow all learners access to content and when you expose them, they retain it!

Our botanists shared many wonders through writing and conversations.

B.J- I wonder why the flower turn to fruit?
Year 2 scientist- I wonder how the pistil makes the seeds?
I.O- I wonder why when you plant flowers they turn into a fruit?
E.W- I wonder why they have to be so beautiful?
Year 1 scientist- I wonder why flowers need leaves?
A.B- I wonder why some flowers have petals and some don’t?

We watched a few information videos to learn about flowers.

After these and other non-fiction books, our learners began to share their learning. They shared their learning through conversations, work samples and all the wonderful art and writing you'll see below!

A.G- rain makes flowers grow
P.W- seeds help flowers grow to make plants
Year 2 scientist- some flowers have stamens and pistils
A.B- the bee drinks the nectar and the pollen gets on his body and sticks and the pollen gets stuck to the pistil
Year 1 scientist- the bee gets the pollen flies to another flower and sticks to the pistil
T.P- all flowers don’t have the same colour all of them are different colours
E.W- we learned that the sepal holds the bud for the flower with the petals
Z.D- bees buzz and get honey from flowers
D.S- pollen and nectar
A.D- flowers have to grow for rain to come down
S.A- the bees takes the pollen to another flower and it makes new flowers
B.K- all of the pollen sticks on all over the bee
I.O- I know about bees that bees go and drink nectar and get pollen to make honey
I.S- seed, stamen
E.L- the petals
D.K- nectar, flowers have stem
M.V- flowers have seeds and flowers have everything attached
M.R- petals are on the circle so flowers in the middle and then the petals fall off it turns to a fruit

Using shapes and labels to represent various flowers and their parts.

Construction paper flowers.

These girls wanted to make a lotus flower, so they worked together to cut out all the parts.

Various writing about pollination and flowers.

Examining real flowers.

Using clay.

We used 'how to' videos from 'Kids Art Hub' on YouTube (check them out, they're fabulous!) to help us learn how to draw various flowers. We made them into collaborative art pieces for our classroom on pieces of wood.


A combination of all our flowers! 

Stay tuned for more of our flower learning!